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Our advice to boost your fundraising after the summer

Review your presentation

Does your page still reflect your project? Is it not a reflection of what it was a year ago, two years ago, or even more? Updating your page regularly is essential, as it allows you to explain the constraints you face, the new needs that have arisen or the objectives that will drive you in the coming months. In short, this is the best way to keep your Tipeee page up to date, both convincing and exciting for your community.

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Tailor your rewards

You may have noticed that some of the rewards on your page are particularly appealing to your community… or particularly not! This is the perfect time to take a look at your rewards, in order to relaunch your communication with an updated selection of rewards.
New: you can now set up your rewards to automatically send links and files by email, or to assign a role to your Tippers on your Discord server.

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Update your goals

The “Goals” module available on your Tipeee page is used to explain your needs to your future Tippers, but also and above all to convince them that their donation will serve to improve your project, your working conditions, etc. As with the presentation, it is therefore essential that the objectives shown on your page are in line with your needs at the current time and in the months to come! Don’t forget that setting structural objectives, expressed in euros per month, will be much more effective in encouraging your community to support you on a long-term basis, with a recurring Tip.

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Set up your stream alerts

Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or a newcomer, you’ll probably learn nothing from us when we tell you that these moments of live exchange with your community are likely to bring you new Tips. The “Streaming” section of your Creator page offers you various resources to promote your Tipeee campaign during your streams. Compatible with the main streaming software (Streamlabs, OBS, Xsplit, etc.), these widgets will allow you to showcase the donations made during your live streams and to thank your Tippers live!

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👉 Want to set up custom alerts? Discover TipeeeStream!

Integrate Tipeee as a means of payment on your website

This is one of the new features on Tipeee this fall: you can now integrate a Tipeee payment module directly into your website or blog, so that your readers can support you without ever leaving your world! This module is available in an iFrame or pop-in version, and you can integrate it into your site’s layout in just a few clicks: on the home page, at the bottom of articles, in a page dedicated to donations, etc.
By integrating the hosted payment on your site, you spare your community from having to make a stop by your page on Tipeee, and therefore multiply the chances of receiving Tips.

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Bring your projects to life

Another new feature this fall: you can now create a Tipeee page focused on a specific objective! These new pages, which are more similar to “classic” crowdfunding, will allow you to promote and finance a specific project, such as a new concept, a complete season, exceptional content, a book, but also a material investment, a physical event, etc.
Launching your fundraising is done in a few clicks, and you can launch this page with the same Tipeee account (and therefore the same information) as your “regular” Tipeee page.

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Contact us!

Do you have questions about how Tipeee works or a problem with the site? For all your technical questions, write to us at support@tipeee.com, and we will be happy to answer you within 48 working hours.